Skin Problems and Solutions

Understanding Inflammation
Some of the most distressing skin conditions – eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea, as well as sensitivity - have in common one underlying factor: out of control inflammation.
If you bruise your knee, get sunburnt or catch a cold, the body's immune system deals with it by creating its own 'fire', with heat, redness, pain and swelling. This stimulates the body to marshal its forces, repel the invader and repair the damage. The mechanism has allowed human beings to survive by counteracting disease-causing bacteria, viruses, parasites and toxins. So far, so good: we obviously need the inflammatory response. But many medical researchers now believe that the inflammatory response is running riot and wreaking havoc, mainly due to factors in modern life. Chronic low-grade inflammation is thought by many researchers to be the underlying cause of conditions including heart disease and cancer, asthma, gum disease and even dementia, as well as skin problems.
According to Dr Andrew Well of the University of Arizona, one of the world's leading experts in integrated medicine, 'What often tips the scales in favor of chronic inflammation are lifestyle factors such as diets high in the wrong kinds of carbohydrates and fats, obesity, inactivity and stress, which can all promote inflammatory reactions in the body. Smoking, high blood pressure, lack of sleep and exposure to toxic chemicals and air pollutants can also increase chronic inflammation. Even getting older seems to stack the deck in favor of inflammation because over time, the body produces more inflammatory compounds and fewer substances that protect against it. And when long-term inflammation is present, changes can occur on a cellular level that can make you more vulnerable to disease, ' he says
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